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IOM Myanmar COVID-19 Response Situation Report 7, 30 May 2020

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13 Missing in Arakan Army Ambush on Burmese Guard Outpost in Rakhine State

17 more people tested positive for COVID-19 in Myanmar, 224 cases in total

Myanmar’s Meaningless Unilateral Ceasefires

Hope fulfilled: First ordination of a Burmese priest in the U.S. takes place May 23

Gluten-Free Vesica Vodka Thrills Texas Cocktail Lovers with New Supreme Gluten-Free Offering in Texas Market

Myanmar military says police missing after rebel. attack

Press freedom in Myanmar regresses

Alex Ross, last remaining member of Burma Star Association in Aberdeen, dies at 95

Myanmar: United Nations support to scale up government capacity to tackle COVID-19 [EN/MY]

22 Myanmar nationals get notices

Gay people in Myanmar have adopted a secret language

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Pandemic Adds New Threat for Rohingyas in Myanmar

Suu Kyi set to win polls; China flips the electoral script in Myanmar

We're watching you, Myanmar

When Technology & IR Unite: Nucleus195 & Harbor Access partnership grows with corporate access solution

Myanmar: Hundreds Jailed for Covid-19 Violations

Myanmar: LIFT and DSW announce USD9 million in COVID-19 cash support to mothers, pregnant women and social pension beneficiaries [EN/MY]

Myanmar: The Border Consortium Strategic Plan 2020 - 2022

In Myanmar, campaigners oppose US$21 million conservation project

Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Pakistan should allow free flow of information

Human Rights Watch Wants an Investigation Into The Burning of a Myanmar Village

World: Atrocity Alert No. 205: UN Global Ceasefire, South Sudan and Myanmar (Burma)

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22 Myanmar nationals detained at Gaya airport

Burmese workers preparing to return to Central Thailand

Ignite Power hits major milestone in its Extreme Affordability Program, connecting 5000 households in less than 2 months

Central Thailand prepares for return of thousands of Burmese workers

Myanmar refugees near Pudu market living in fear of being deported

Myanmar: Households hit hard by strong winds in Sagaing

'I Find Myself Very Seriously Feeling Hollow': Documenting A Pandemic Experience

Elephant injures 2 Burmese men in Kanchanburi

Myanmar: Key Considerations for COVID-19 Management in Marginalised Populations in Southeast Asia: Transnational Migrants, Informal Workers, and People Living in Informal Settlements

HRW Denounces Destruction in Myanmar Village

HRW: 200 Homes Burned in Rakhine, Myanmar

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#KeepItOn: Open letter appealing to the Deputy Director-General to urge the governments of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, and Pakistan to end the ongoing internet shutdown amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Myanmar village destruction has 'hallmarks' of military: Human Rights Watch

Rights group: Satellite images show Myanmar village burning

Across China: Joint fight against COVID-19 strengthens China-Myanmar bond

Myanmar: Imagery Shows 200 Buildings Burned

Newsdeck: Myanmar updates U.N. court on ‘confidential’ Rohingya measures

Myanmar updates U.N. court on 'confidential' Rohingya measures

Myanmar updates top UN court on measures to protect Rohingya minority

Telenor Myanmar to disconnect unregistered SIM cards in 40 days

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