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Will Anwar Ibrahim bring political stability to Malaysia?

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Subscriber Picks: 6 days of turmoil: How Anwar beat rivals to become Malaysia's PM | 6 things you didn't know about travel insurance

Anwar sworn in as Malaysia’s PM after 25-year struggle for reform

Anwar Ibrahim named 10th prime minister of Malaysia"

Anwar Ibrahim’s long journey: Once a prisoner, now the 10th prime minister of Malaysia

Dr. Paul Saba Author and Physician: This Thanksgiving Weekend Support Women Who Want To Keep Their Babies

Soaring ringgit after Anwar's appointment as Malaysia's PM 'not sustainable': Analyst

Lee Lam Thye urges unity govt, Opposition to act in line with democratic principles

M'sia's 10th Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's decades-long arduous journey to the top job

YOURSAY| New PM’s penultimate task is to rebuild trust and goodwill Yoursay 2 h ago

Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim Appointed, Sworn In As 10th Prime Minister

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Analysts weigh in on what PM Anwar's familiarity with Singapore, his personality could mean for bilateral ties

Bursa Malaysia to trend higher next week on better foreign fund support

Former judge: Unity govt usually formed during war, national emergency

Marcos congratulates 'good friend' Ibrahim

Ортодонтът инфлуенсър Евангелос Виазис (Evangelos Viazis): Целта ми е всеки човек да може да се усмихне максимално бързо

UAE President congratulates new Malaysian Prime Minister

Hamas leader congratulates Anwar on appointment as PM

Malaysia Prime Minister: Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim appointed as the new PM

Marcos toasts Ibrahim as new PM of Malaysia

New Malaysian PM pledges to balance all interests

Top 5 Current Affairs of the Day: 25 November 2022 - Malaysia PM, IDFC First Bank, Wildlife Summit

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Malaysia a priority for Iran in Asia, Islamic community

Gains for Malaysia's Islamist party a challenge for new PM

Anwar, at last Malaysia's PM, aims to turn 'hope' into reality

Prince of Travel Offers Hotel Bookings with Exclusive Benefits for Luxury Travelers

28 Nov 2022 announced as a public holiday in Malaysia: PM Anwar

Sri Lanka PM congratulates new Malaysian PM

New Malaysian PM claims that the cost of living is top concern

Kuchingites: Anxious wait for new PM over, thanks to the King

With new PM announced, time to get back to work now, says Vaie community leader

Galen Moots Coordinating Minister For Health And Women, Family And Community Development

Kudat independent MP backs unity government

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Man charged with intentionally causing harassment to PM Lee by threatening to burn tech firm Seagate

Drug case: Singapore court dismisses applications by 3 Indian-origin Malaysians

The Saddle Meets The Horse

Integrated stem cell solutions to combat rising degenerative diseases amongst Malaysians

Macau's 6 casino operators get new licences, Malaysia's Genting out

Out of police lock-up, Twitter user @bumilangit insists extremist views have no place in Malaysia, including social media

Spotlight on new unity government

Malaysia Cup final: 4,000 JDT fans to ‘rock’ Bukit Jalil National Stadium tonight

Pakatan comms chiefs say fighting corruption still central agenda even with BN aboard ‘unity government’

Envoys keen to work with new PM

Malaysia reports 3,024 new COVID-19 infections, 8 more deaths

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